Apprenticeship Courses

If you are an employer and you are looking to assist the development of your employees we can help. We offer fundable work based apprenticeship training programme's so you can grow your business with employees who are trained specifically to fit into your organisation.

How do apprenticeships benefit employees and business in the north east

Learning 4 Ever work in partnership with employers, staff and learning resources to deliver work based training across the North East of England, benefiting business, employees and ultimately your service users.

  • Apprenticeship programs train your staff in the skills your company requires.
  • Apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Apprenticeships are work based so staff are learning in 'real world' environments.
  • Apprenticeships are fundable.
  • Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 and over and there are many older people using this method of learning to gain skills for their chosen career.
  • Apprenticeships help learners who find classroom based learning difficult.
  • Apprentices gain experience as well as qualifications.
  • Apprentices can 'Earn as you Learn'
  • Apprenticeships lead to full time employment, and career development, often within the company where you did your training.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications allow graduates to provide evidence of their skills when moving between employers.